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Men and Women: How to break through the gender norms and embrace our biology...

Let’s start with an example. We have one man, we’ll call him John, and one woman, we’ll call her Patricia.

What makes John a man? What makes Patricia a woman?

Their bodies definitely have a large role in this definition. Because of their genitals and the different ways their brain function, they are defined as male and female.

John and Patricia are born on the same day, in the same hospital. The first difference is obvious, they came into this world with different “equipment”. Because of this,

John is dubbed a boy and wrapped in a blue blanket, Patricia a girl and wrapped in pink. This is the first attempt from society to make a clear distinction. As they grow up, they will each face many other stereotypes and judgments about what a man or woman is and is not.

Sooner or later they will start to wonder who is right, society’s definition or their inner desires? How can it be right for a boy to dislike Football? How can it be right for a girl to love playing football more than wearing dresses? Terrible ideas indeed, but let’s go on.

By the time they are 18 years old, they will know the basic idea of what they should be.

John knows he should be athletic, competent, confident, assertive and ready to fight to defend what he holds dear, at least form society’s viewpoint. As far as emotions go, it safe to be passionate, angry and happy. John might get away with shedding a tear if his favourite team wins the championship. Other than that, crying is unmanly and fear, for some inexplicable reason, does not exist in men, they are all stoic and brave.